Preliminary Ecological Appraisal


This was previously known as an Extended Phase 1 Habitat survey. This is the starting point of the ecological appraisals of new sites, whether commercial, private or public. This is in order to get a better understanding of the ecological makeup of the site, including species and habitats present, to assess the implications of the development for wildlife and biodiversity, and determine if any further surveys and mitigation works are appropriate. PEA

In order to do this, a surveyor visits the site and classifies and maps the habitats present using a standardised system, in order to produce standardised results. Other points of interest or concern are also noted. Each habitat is then assessed to understand if it holds significant value for protected notable species. We also complete a desk based assessment to review any known records for the sites and any previous ecological assessments on or in close proximity to the site.

This information along with the survey of the site provides us with an understanding of the ecology of the site. This is usually based on one visit to the site. From this visit and examining the local records centres records from the site we may highlight areas for further surveys such as great crested newt  or bat surveys, as an example. 

There may be seasonal constraints on these, we can fully explain this and work with you to ensure the ecology of the site and the development plans can work hand in hand.